Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel

This kind of panel comprises a polyethylene core between two aluminum skin, the surface of the front aluminum is Mirror finish, including three main kinds, Silver Mirror, Golden Mirror, and Black Mirror.

Raw Materials

Aluminum base material: high strength aluminum alloy sheet
Core: non-toxic low-density polyethylene(LDPE) or Fire-resistant (FR) core
Surface: Mirror finish



  1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm


  Any size, recommend 2440mm, 3050mm, 4050mm

  Panel Thickness

  2mm~ 6mm, recommend 3mm and 4mm

  Alu.Skin Thickness

  0.10mm~0.50mm, recommend 0.21mm,0.30mm

  Standard Size

  1220mm x 2440mm (4' x 8'); 1500mm x 3050mm (5' x 10')


  Accept custom size and colors too

Dimensional Tolerances


  ±0.20 mm

  Aluminum thickness

  ±0.02 mm


  ±2.0 mm


  ±3.0 mm


  ±5.0 mm

  Thermal Expansion

  2.40 mm/m@100℃Temp difference


v Easy maintenance

v Easy processing

v Light weight

v Natural design & Smooth surface

v Non-toxicity and safety


Because of its mirror surface, it’s widely applied in the home and lobby wall decoration. We have the colors Silver Mirror, Golden Mirror, and Black Mirror for your choice. And recommend to use the panel thickness 3mm, Aluminum skin thickness 0.30mm, we also can do the aluminum skin thickness 0.21mm type.

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