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ALUSIGNPANEL Aluminum Composite Panel ( ACP ) , a new style decorative materials also called ALUCOBOND panel in Europe & Africa , is made of aluminum sheet on both sides with PE core and coated with beautiful PE or PVDF coating.

ALUSIGNPANEL ACP, manufactured under ISO9001 quality management system, is well suited for commercial mansion, hotel, office building, advertising billboard, Interior wall , ceiling, display platform, signboard, tunnels, furniture and etc.

ALUSIGNPANEL ACP can be easily shaped into various shapes such as curve, curve corner, routing, grooving, punching, according to requirements of the building design which will make building looks more beautiful .

Processing Tips

Installation direction

To avoid possible reflection differences (for metallic, special effect colors ), it is recommended to install the ACP panels in the same direction as marked on the protective film . Colour variations may occur between ACP panels originating from different production batches. To ensure colour consistency , the total requirement for a project should be placed in one order

Installation Tips

ALUSIGNPANEL aluminum composite panel is very easy to process. All cutting milling, planning slotting, side-folding and curving can be easily fulfilled by simple tools made processing timber and metal. The hidden fixing method is adopted in installation, slotting and dismounting. The ACP panel is then secured with rivet and screw as well as structural gum for further fixture. Both interior and exterior decoration can be implemented simultaneously so as to raise working efficiency and shorten working days .

Flat Cassette

Curved Cassette


ALUSIGNPANEL aluminum composite Panel may be cleaned at great ease.

Method of Cleaning

• Routine cleaning of the ACP surface is recommended.
• It may be washed with water and mild detergent, followed by a clean water rinse.
• Do not clean sun-heated surfaces (above 40 °C) to avoid rapid drying which may lead to stain formation.

The cleaning operation must be followed by a through rinse with clean water to ensure the removal of all remnants of the cleansing agent. A final wipe down by means of a sponge, leather or wiper is necessary to avoid water stains.
After project completion, construction soils including concrete or mortar etc., should be removed as quickly as possible. In most cases, following suggested frequency would be required to keep the lacquered coated surface clean as good as it can remain.

Building Location

Frequency of Cleaning

Rural area

0.5 times/ Year

Urban area

0.5 - 1 times / Year

Low rainfall and/or coastal area

1 times / Year

Heavily industrialized area

1 - 2 times / Year


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