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Main popular Alusignpanel high gloss Aluminum composite panel (ACP) colors – SJ8825 Glossy White , SJ8826 Glossy Red , SJ8827 Glossy Green , SJ8828 Glossy Black , SJ8831 Glossy Yellow , SJ8832 Glossy Blue . also accept others customs high gloss colors – gloss orange red , glossy pink red , glossy light blue .  


Here are 2 videos show our factory producing the high gloss aluminum composite panels . 


1. What’s the gloss degree called high gloss and matte Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) ?

High lights and matte are for aluminum plastic plate surface gloss . The surface of the high-gloss aluminum plastic plate is flat and smooth, just like the polished metal surface ; Matte aluminum plates have rough surfaces, like frosted glass that does not reflect light.
The characteristics of the two are clearly distinct .
Several commonly used gloss intervals are:  matte ,  bright ,  high-light .
For example, 15%-30% gloss is matte, 60%-80% is bright, and  85%-98% gloss is high light .
At the same time, other performance indicators must also meet the technical specifications of aluminum composite panels.


2. Which coating could produce the high gloss Aluminum Composite Panels ?

2.1PE (polyester ) Coating
High molecular polymer as monomer and addition of alkyd , is an UV - resistant coating . It can be classified matt and glossy according to coating gloss . The compact molecule structure , makes paint surface luster and smooth , which assure good printing on the panel surface . With an warranty of 10 years for weather resistance , it is specially applied for internal decoration and sign board .


2.2 FEVE Coating

Which is a high quality paint for one or more coatings , with polyurethane as base , fluor polymer as too coating to keep it’s good weather resistance of 10 years compared white traditional PVDF coating , it guarantees more fresh and vivid colors and high gloss retention . Its creativity and individuality offer unlimited possibilities for the planner . It is available in colors that are not feasible with other coating systems .  


2.3 PVDF (fluorine-carbon) coating can not produce the high gloss Aluminum Composite Panels .

PVDF ( fluorine - carbon ) coating : made of fluorine carbon resin , pigment , ester     solvent , after high temperature roasting and baking , the paint is solidified to dry film  with super weather resistance . PVDF coating also can be classified as traditional PVDF  and nano PVDF coating .
 A . Traditional PVDF Coating , with KYNAR500 PVDF , two or three times for coating   and baking , has good properties of anti-acid , anti-alkali and is durable in atrocious weather and environment , keeping 15 years no unwonted fading .  In view of these facts , we recommend this panel applied for external wall cladding .
 B . Nano PVDF Coating , which different with traditional PVDF is the clear coating ., It   contains nano element , which can protect panel from pollution . Because nano has     self - cleaning effect , It easy to get rid of dust and polution by raining or water .


3. Where could use and popular with high gloss Alusignpanel Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP ) ?

High-gloss acp panels can bring a new look to the customers. Could use high gloss acp panels in many aspects as following :

· Interior cladding

· Brand Shop

· Office

· Showroom

· Exhibition design

· Ceiling and indoor Wall Cover

· Display Board

· Cabinet

· Partition

· Signage boards

· Artistic Model

4. Main Popular high Gloss colors , Matte colors , special colors from Alusignpanel factory  

Our factory have more than 60 colors for your order choice. The listed colors as below are only for reference, the international RAL & Pantone colors are also available. Special or custom colors as per client’s requirement are also acceptable, but the color samples must be delivered to us for adjusting first, and its MOQ should reach 1000 square meters on your order . If request actual color samples , please emails .  

Also welcome to check and download our color chart on our website 

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