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ALUSIGNPANEL Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) is distinguished in the market for its outstanding product attributes such as flatness, formability, durability and ease of fabrication, and is available in a broad palette of trend-forward colors and finishes. To help our clients build the future, we remain focused on inspiring the architectural community to create their legacy with the next generation of buildings.

Some regions of the world restrict the use of ACP because of its inflammable plastic core. To answer this problem, we devoted all of our energy to improving the core, establishing a production technology calledALUSIGNPANEL/FR , a fire-retardant ACP.ALUSIGNPANEL/FR meets the fire-safety requirements for external claddings in most countries. Today,ALUSIGNPANEL/FR is the exterior wall cladding material of choice, ensuring fire safety without losing the original features ofALUSIGNPANEL . 

1. How many types exterior wall paint Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) ?

For the high and good exterior wall cladding decoration , request good weather durability , always have 3 types :  High Weather-durability fluorocarbon Coating

1.1 PVDF Fluoro-Olefine Vinyl Ether Copolymer exterior wall paint Aluminum Composite Panel

1.2 High Gloss FEVE Polyvinylidene Fluoride exterior wall paint Aluminum Composite Panel

1.3 PVDFNano Oil-proof exterior wall Aluminum Composite Panel


Due to various superiority of the Aluminum composite panel, such as light weight, easy on processing and colorful design, it has become one most applicable and popular material for the advertising use, like signage, digital UV printing, sign board, Auto 4S shop, shop front decoration, display fabrication and so on.  Always have 1 type :Polyester /PE Coating .

1.4 PE (Polyester ) exterior wall sign board Aluminum Composite Panel

1) High Weather-durability /HDPE
2) Nano Oil-proof
3) Anti-scratch Matt Gloss
4) Shining Pearl Flower
5) Wrinkle/Netting 
6) Writing /Drawing / Erasing
7) Anti-Static
8) Self-luminous
9) Chameleon
10) Antibacterial
11) Pearly
12) Normal


2. how to Paint on the exterior wall Aluminum Composite Panels ?  

Aluminum composite panel is a kind of new decorative material consisting of two thin coil-coated aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core, which is also known as Aluminum Composite Material in some area , call it ACM panels , the structure as the pictures show : 

The current popular exterior wall aluminum composite panel use the Roller coating technical , the working processing as following pictures show : 

Alusignpanel factory have 2 color aluminum coil coating lines , the production capacity around 1200 tons per month .

3. What is the difference between Roller coating process and Spraying process?

3.1 Roller coating –all the powder is better, the second is the equipment is basically computer program control, high accuracy, so it can ensure the uniform spraying. so as to ensure the uniform color of the plate after forming .

3.2 Powder spraying is to use powder spraying equipment (electrostatic spray machine) to spray the powder coating to the surface of the workpiece, under the effect of electrostatic, the powder will be evenly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece, the formation of powder coating;Powder coating after high temperature baking leveling curing, into different effects (different kinds of powder coating effects)  final coating; Powder spraying is superior to spray painting in mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other aspects, and its cost is also lower than that of spray painting with the same effect.  


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