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The development history of Chinese Aluminum Composite Panel ( ACP ) industry


Metal composite material, made in China for 20 years


Part 2


Time goes back to the early 1990s. It was during the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" period. Under the background of the rapid growth of the national economy and the governance and rectification of the economic environment, China's reform and opening up rapidly advanced, established the socialist market economy goal, and formed an overall Open pattern. The average annual growth of GDP reached 12%, which was the fastest economic growth among the countries in the world during the same period, and it was also the period with the fastest economic growth and the smallest fluctuations since the founding of New China. China has set off a new round of economic construction climax, and an open and exciting era has begun.


During this period, it was the time when Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) began to enter China. Since the completion of my country's first aluminum-plastic composite panel application project "Beijing Royal Hotel" in 1990, aluminum-plastic composite panels have gradually been used in certain domestic projects, but all products rely on imports. Alucobond  of Germany, Alpolic Mitsubishi of Japan , and Reynobond of the United States, these well-known companies have entered China with aluminum-plastic composite panels , a shining exterior wall decoration material in the building. In the application field of exterior wall decoration materials monopolized by glass, aluminum-plastic composite panels have emerged as a representative of metal composite materials. 

Aluminum composite panel is made of aluminum and a relatively low density plastic core material. Therefore, compared with single aluminum or other metals with the same rigidity or the same thickness, the weight is much lighter, and the specific gravity is much smaller than that of glass and stone. Therefore, as a curtain wall material, it can greatly reduce the load of the building structure. The aluminum-plastic composite panel cleverly utilizes the mechanical principle of the I-steel structure and gives it unique mechanical properties. In addition, it is compounded at high temperatures, has good rigidity, is not easy to deform, and has good flatness. At the same time, the coating surface of the aluminum plastic composite panel can be made into a variety of colors, which can change colorful pattern design effects. When the designer of the decoration company has a big brain, the aluminum plastic composite panel can make these Fantastic ideas become reality. Under the sunlight, the surface layer of the aluminum-plastic board can be both gorgeous and dignified, avoiding light pollution. Good durability, easy processing, excellent environmental coordination, etc., these are the unique advantages of aluminum-plastic panels. Compared with the traditional exterior wall decoration materials in the past, the physical and chemical properties of aluminum-plastic panels completely win and become the third generation of curtain wall decoration materials. The backbone of the country.

When aluminum-plastic panels first entered the country, the price was very high, which can be said to be a rare commodity. The price per square meter can reach 400-500 RMB . Such a good decoration effect, such a large application prospect, and such a high profit return have attracted the attention of many people, and it has also attracted the entrepreneurial spirit of Chinese people to start thinking. , Why let foreigners earn a lot of foreign exchange, why can't we produce it ourselves ?

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