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Aluminium composite panel is a kind of new decorative material consisting of two thin coil-coated aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core, which is also known as Aluminum composite material in some area. Mostly it is called ACP or ACM for short , and some of people call it Alucobond directly , it’s a world famouse brand name in this field .

With the Aluminium Composite Panel’s excellent performance, it’s more and more popular among the people in building materials and signage board . In some of special occasions, such as hospital , electronics factories , there are high requirements for anti-static Composite Panels .

The Anti Static Electricity Aluminium Composite Panel belongs coating anti static , so always request 2 side colors 2 side anti static , Ivory white colors or White Gray colors , and request the composite panels’ surface electric resistance 10 +6 ~ 10 +9 ohm .

Alusignpanel factory have bought professional test machine for our regular Anti Static Electricity Aluminium Composite Panel orders - 1220*2440Mm size , 5mm 0.21mm and 5mm 0.30mm , ivory white color orders for our Electronic factory clients . Our machine is double check to ensure all the sheets are pass the standard .

Some of basic anti static electrucity information for reference :

Why does some clients request the anti static aluminium composite panels ? What are the hazards of static electricity ?

The generation of static electricity is unavoidable in industrial production, and the damage caused mainly can be attributed to the following 2 mechanisms :

1  : The harm caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD):

(1) Causes malfunction or malfunction of the electronic device, causing electromagnetic interference.

(2) Breaking through integrated circuits and precision electronic components, or aging components to reduce production yield.

(3) High-voltage electrostatic discharge causes electric shock and endangers personal safety.

(4) Explosions and fires are likely to occur in production sites where multiple flammable or explosive materials or dust or oil mist are produced.

2 : The harm caused by electrostatic attraction (ESA):

(1) Electronics industry: Adsorption of dust, causing contamination of integrated circuits and semiconductor components, greatly reducing the yield.

(2) Film and plastic industry: film or film is not wound up; film, CD plastic disk is contaminated with dust, affecting quality.

(3) Paper-making printing industry: paper winding is not uniform, overprinting is not allowed, serious suction, and even paper bonding, affecting production.

(4) Textile industry: causing damage to the roots, broken flowers, broken yarns, etc.

Where request the anti static electricity Aluminium Composite Panel ?

As mentioned in the foregoing, static electricity can affect the quality of products in the electronics industry, film and plastics industry, paper printing industry, textile industry, etc. Although static electricity cannot be completely avoided, in order to achieve higher quality products, so the anti-static aluminium composite panels are the best choice in these filed , The Anti-static aluminium composite panel are popular using for partition board and ceiling , precision instrument factory , computer room, hospital, operating room and so on .

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